Winterclash X (2014) – Two Pre Session Edits

Rollerblade Winterclash 2014Alex Gheorfi

Rollerblade pre session Winterclash X
Riders: Adrian Deck, Jan Ebbert and Kevin Lapierre were able to have a private rail session on the Rollerblade® branded ledge Thursday morning before Winterclash officially opened.
Video by: Niels Groenendijk & Jeroen Wullems

Winterclash clips with Alex Gheorfi
Video: Mihai Militaru


Sven Boekhorst – Cityhopper Europe – Edit & Documentary

The Cityhopper. Destroys non-skateable spots with ease and finesse!
[...] the team travelled through Europe and visited some of the most influential and cultural capitols (Brussels, Barcelona, London, Paris and Berlin) with the signature jumpramp. [...] Showcasing the cities environment from a new perspective; a rollerbladers view. Professional athlete Sven Boekhorst is captured in his natural habitat, skating the streets and using this as his playground. “


Skater: Sven Boekhorst
Editing: Axel van Dijk
Camera: Axel van Dijk Remy Cadier
Graphics: Niels Groenendijk
Production: Timmy v. Rixtel Dominic Swagemaker Randy Abels Dick Heerkens

Documentary: Cityhopper Europe
” The documentary gives a glimpse into Sven’s life on the road, and the struggles of travelling around Europe carring an 80+ Kilo ramp everywhere. “


Jan Ebbert – Rollerblade Newjack 4 Promo

This video shows the first session on the Rollerblade Newjack 4 skate in Münster, Germany.
The skate is comfortable, solid and I never had that much control while grinding before. Be prepared for the Newjack 5 skate coming next year! ” – Jan Ebbert

Jan EbbertJan- Ebbert

Filming: Eugen Enin, Adrian Röter
Editing: Philipp Czaika

Music by the Audible Doctor