Casey Geraghty & Nick Taylor – Dessert Video

Casey Geraghty

KC Skater (Casey Geraghty on school tests) is the “jock” of the group. An army brat, he was an outsider, having transferred to Bayside High School. KC mentions that he has been to Bolivia, Italy, Iceland, and Berlin among other places. He becomes the school’s star athlete, excelling as a wrestler and the quarterback of the football team. A common theme occurs when Jessie constantly bickers with KC over his insensitive remarks, particularly about women. His real name is ” Kenneth Castleton III”, but the meaning of the abbreviation “KC” periodically served as comedic fodder during the show’s run.

Nick Taylor Dessert

Nick Taylor is a school nerd. Nick has been tagging along with Mike since they were in elementary school and is extremely loyal to him. In exchange for doing Mike’s homework and being roped into Mike’s various stunts, Nick receives protection from school bullies and a general boost in his confidence; but Mike’s affection for Nick is evident in spite of this. Nick is very comfortable with his geekiness and fancies himself a ladies’ man. The rest of the gang simultaneously picks on and humors Nick for his eccentricities (e.g. hiding in his locker, wearing extremely loud and mismatched clothes, and obsessing over science and chess).

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DINNER – full video by Black Bandit Media

DINNER – Intro 1/5
DINNER – full video by Black Bandit Media

The Black Bandit Media family is relatively normal, except for one thing… they rollerskate.

MVP Casey Geraghty, trying to balance college and the roller-hockey season.
Nick Taylor, the zany chef that may or may not have his green card.
Mark “the shark” Rosen’s football scholarship will get him to Stanford, if he can only stop his pranks.
A genius and klutz Drew Amato makes some really weird inventions while driving the family insane.
Mike Dempsey’s “Ricky Martin attitude” has the ladies swooning.
Mark Golembeski, former Golf professional, lost his game after winning the Masters ten years ago and is now struggling to find his sanity.
Mike Riccitelli, their crazy cousin living in Uzbekistan, has found a wife and kids to call his own. John Lyke doesn’t know how or why this crazy group of twenty year olds are living in his house, but he does know one thing… Family comes first.

DINNER 2/5 – Casey Geraghty

A washed up Big Wave surfer dreams of the perfect swell, but finds himself land bound when his Military father is transfered from Hawaii to Connecticut. Casey Geraghty soon learns to adapt to his new surroundings by surfing “street style,” riding whatever concrete waves he can find. With his carefree attitude Casey certainly “plays by his own rules.” His stylish maneuvers soon catch the eye of Head Cheerleader Lauren Hood.

Casey’s section is filled with life lessons, and packed non stop blading action.

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