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The rollerblading news web site was created by rollerbladers and it is meant for the rollerblading community.

The main reasons for creating this website was to help the rollerblading online world to grow bigger and more known among the internet by creating more back links for the related rollerblading web sites.

As a second reason is just that the rollerbladers need to have more options when it comes to rollerblading news related web sites.

We also want to promote thoughts (comments) written by rollerbladers on specific posts/articles, based on a minimal account (such those that we all have on vimeo, youtube, flickr) or based on a facebook account and by this decreasing the anonymous shouting contest that created the so called ‘haters’ trend.

We also want to have authors from all over the world (right now from 5 different countries) who know the main and local rollerblading scene and who can help by providing more accurate and more ‘good quality’ articles for everyone to enjoy.

We are not against anyone, we are only trying to help (if possible) the rollerblading community.

Of course this is supposed to be and will be a non-profit website and any revenue collected trough clicks on a google commercial (like the one in the left) will be used for hosting costs and returned to the rollerblading news website viewers trough periodic contests.

Rollerblading News – love’s rollerblading!