Summerclash 2013 – Street Contest RAW Clips

Unfortunately, because of the craziness, only some RAW clips from the AM and Pro street contest. Final’s last tricks hammers attempts not in this edit.
Again, these are just some raw clips so don’t base on them your assumptions regarding who won or should have won the contest 😉

Summerclash-2013-Street-Pro-ResultsNils Jansons

Featuring: Nick Lomax, David Sizemore, Nils Jansons, Montre Livingston, Antony Pottier, Josh Glowicki, Scott Quinn, Joey Egan, Leon Humphries, Joe Atkinson, Eugen Enin, Dave Mutschall, Sam Crofts, Tomek Przybylik, …

Street Pro Results
1st Place (Tied): Nick Lomax + David Sizemore + Nils Jansons + Montre Livingston
5ft (2nd) Place: Antony Pottier


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