Mathieu Allart & Alex Sanchez – RVB Street Edit

These are the little brothers that rollerblading gave to the only child I was.
They would tell you I teached them a lot in our local skate park ( Carvin ), where I saw them growing too fast.
The real thing about getting old is that kind of experience : learn to two 13 years old kids basics on a coping, clipping your eyes for a second and sit in their cars, to watch them grind acid drop rails “

Mathieu Allart & Alex SanchezMathieu Allart Street Edit

I m really proud of them, they are my champions, they supplanted the master …for a long now, but I just realized.
Teacher / :) / film / edit : Tony Martins

Music : The Smashing Pumpkins : Zero > > (Dedicated to Charles Petit & Antony Bindi)


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