USD Carbon IV – Release info

Please take a moment to appreciate another big step in innovation from USD and the Carbon Project.

USD Carbon IV

USD is preparing to release IV, a skate that represents technicality
fused with function and quality and features a number of exciting new developments
including a customizable cuff for an optional V-Cut. This is the first V-Cut in aggressive that allows you to skate with or without the V-cuff support as you wish. With 3 simple screws, you can enjoy a brand new sensation of Carbon skating.

Adding to his, the Carbon IV also offers a removable liner that feels almost like a second skin. Thin, heat moldable and perfectly formed to the boot, this will satisfy those that enjoy the feeling of a removable liner. Furthermore the boot features
hidden laces and real leather / cordura nylon combination for the upper.

To complete the IV, USD added extra boot protection as well as a reinforced carbon
fiber shell and a replaceable midstrap, allowing for maximum skate life and even more options for cusomisation in the future.


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