Julian Bah – Adapt Stealth Signature Skate – Profile

For 2014, Julian Bah received his first ever signature skate called the Stealth. [...] Unfortunately during the promotion period of the skate, Julian got hurt at Winterclash and was not able to skate for some time. During the summer his skating got back on track and we are proud to come out with this sick edit from Julian Bah. ” – Adapt

Julian Bah StealthJulian Bah

Edit by: Pieter Wijnant, Olga Bouwhuis
Filmed by: Chris Smith, David Sizemore, Richard Williams, Patrick Anderson, Seth Lloyd, Brandon Anderson


Nolan Wojciechowski (Denver) – Razors 2014 Edit

Nolan Wojciechowski -Nolan Wojciechowski

An amazing section of Gnarly Nolan going hard in DENVER!!! This edit was filmed over the past 7 months all around the state of Colorado. Thanks to Razors for hooking Nolan up with some new skates to finish this edit!!! ENJOY! ” – Luke Bender

Music By Sole & Dj Pain 1 “Old Gods Ain’t Dead”


AVENTURA by Michael Pedersen – Trailer #2

Previous: AVENTURA Movie by Michael Pedersen – Trailer #1
Release date: 20-11-2014


Second trailer for Aventura.
A new worldwide rollerblading movie about traveling, sessions, friendships, experiences and adventures filmed in Europe, South America, Australia, North America, South Africa from< 2011 to 2014 [...] " - by Michael Pedersen


South Coast UK (Tru Apparel) Truespin Skatepark Trip

” A big group of bladders from the south coast of England made the trip over to Belgium to truespin skatepark for the day here are the tricks that went down ” – Tom Perrigo

Truespin SkateparkTruespin Skatepark -

Edit by Tom Perrigo
Skaters Steve Williams, Steve Stride, Matt Brogan, Shaun Churcher, Alex Ings, Dan Murphy, Dave Curtis, Sam Kew, Jamie Stenner and Adz Naz
(sorry to the guys that i didn’t catch the name of had to put you guys in because you were rippin)
Filmed by Tom Perrigo, Dave Curtis, Steve Stride and Adz Naz

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