Fredrik Andersson – Wheel Scene Profile 2014


Wheel Scene interview:
” We are honoured to present our latest Wheel Scene profile featuring Sweden’s Fredrik Andersson. ” - Wheel Scene

Fredrik Andersson – Wheel Scene Profile 2014 2Fredrik Andersson – Wheel Scene Profile 2014

Filmed in: Malaga Spain
Filmed by: Zebastian Cassel Karnevik, Joshua Glowicki & Aritz Ortega
Edited by: Fredrik Andersson

Song: Spark Master Tape – KKaptian Baseboll Bat Boi


Russell Day – Adapt 2014 Profile

The 2014 Russell Day Adapt edit.
Russell Day was one of the first riders on our team to choose an Unlimited skate from us. Going with the gold and silver he made sure his skates would not go unseen in this sick edit by Max Manning. “

Russell DayRussell-Day

Make your own Adapt Unlimited skate here:
Film/edit by Max Manning


Guillaume Le Gentil & Jan Ebbert – Barcelona 2014


rollerbladeGuillaume Le Gentil

Two of Europe’s finest aggressive inline skaters shredding in Barcelona.
A few weeks ago Greg Mirzoyan got a visit from rising star Jan Ebbert from Germany and an new “old” friend of Rollerblade®. When you see these 2 names you can expect some high quality video and pictures mixed with flawless technical grinds and hammers “


Zebastian Cassel (Sweden) SSM Bloodline Prospect

“Presented by SSM and SHAPED BY THE COLD”

Zebastian CasselZebastian Cassel -

Filmed in: Berlin, Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Copenhagen, Linköping, Norrköping & Oslo
Filmed by: Stephanie Midhammar, Michael Pedersen, Christoper Kohn, Henrik Valby and Fredrik Andersson
Edited by: Zebastian Cassel Karnevik

Song: Bass Drum of Death – Way Out


Kenth Ulvedal – 10 years Grindhouse Recap Profile

I got sponsored by Grindhouse when I was 16 years old, had only been skating for 3 years, and it meant the world to a small kid skating every day, and now 10 years later they are still supporting me. Thank you Thorsten and Grindhouse Skateshop for all the support, […] I’m just a guy who loves to skate. “

Kenth UlvedalKenth-Ulvedal

First part of the edit is 2004, the first summer skating for Grindhouse, then it’s all a mix until the summer of 2014. It’s very long but it was so much fun going through old footage that I didn’t wan’t to leave to many clips out, and most of the clips has been used before. ” – Kenth Ulvedal